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A Licentious Storm

A Licentious Storm

Family Secrets creep into Gianina Marcello’s life through the one thing she loves most, art. A mysterious painting arrives at her gallery doors. Power and intrigue soon follow as her quaint artistic escape becomes the backdrop of a budding romance with artist Neimiah Richardson. But as much as Gianina desires a life of roses and rendezvouses, a nasty secret from her past returns to haunt her present.

Caught between ravaging lust and murderous madmen, Neimiah struggles to juggle the responsibility of keeping his Vampyre master sane and mending that which was sundered. As the lone male of broken bindings, he must navigate the human world in an attempt to woo the great-grand daughter of the one who deserted them long ago.

With their Master’s control nearly gone, a vengeful ex and a lover scorned, can this couple mend a broken bond or will the world succumb to a licentious storm?

Funky Fairytales (1)

Funky Fairytales

Over the horizon through the sparkling veil Red's bitten off more than she can chew. On the doorsteps of a cursed Hail's Hallows the ferryman collects his due. Sometimes the villain isn't who they seem and when the sky has stopped falling, together they find what it means.

Surprising renditions await on the page when you walk into the woods for a taste of funky tales.

Belle of SunS

Belle Of Sun'Sudah

Coming Soon

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A Moment Before Midnight

In a carefully orchestrated set of events, Dakota Naverro finds herself face-to-face with Nicolay Constantine--a six-hundred year old Vampyre who seeks new meaning in his cumbersome existence and struggles to emerge from the dark shadows of his world. Through her innocence, he pegs Dakota as the one entity who could guide his way back to the light.

But, there are darker things from darker days--closely guarded truths, lurking and threatening the pair. Will Nicolay find his Dakota in time or will many lifetimes of lies be his downfall...and hers?

The Burning Queen

It takes a special piece of work to be banished from Hell, and Valdis Rhonwen is a special piece of work. Queen of torture and despised by most, others sought her position and her power. Busy ruling the flourishing thirteenth kingdom, Valdis forgot rule number one -everyone in Hell is out for themselves. Stripped of her power and banished to the upper world, Valid now fights her way back into the fold.

Sent to Valdis to sate her hunger for torture, Hell's champion Jesar defected. No longer a patsy for her father, N’atas, he escapes the heart of Hell to reinstall his queen and restore her dying kingdom. Convincing N’atas that Vadis didn't betray him is a daunting task. And until they determine who planted the seed of deceit and why, the couple must tread lightly.

Their journey to the truth is wrought with dangers in lands designed to bring even the strongest Demon to their knees. But Hell hath no fury like Valdis scorned, and her greatest challenge will be coming face to face with a destiny not of her desire nor of her choosing.




What is the Black Fantastic? It’s Sword and Soul, Steamfunk, Cyberfunk, Science Fiction, Real Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and so much more. It’s creators from Africa and the African Diaspora expressing and exploring concepts without the boundaries and restrictions often found in the publishing industry. Blacktastic!, the official anthology of Blacktasticon 2018, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the imagination of its writers. It is our hope that you will be entertained and intrigued by these excellent stories. Consider this the beginning of an amazing journey into the Black Fantastic!

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It all began Once Upon A Time...
Only these aren't the fairytales you grew up with.

Featuring 16 stories by 16 authors.
Stacey Jaine McIntosh | Zoey Xolton | Beth W. Patterson | Tristan Hurree | Stephanie Ellis | Andra Dill | Jill Hand | Christie-Lee Louis | Violette L. Meier | Aziza Sphinx | Isabella Hunter | Kerry Lee Holder | D.J Tyrer | Joanna Koch | Cindar Harrell | Shebat Legion



Atlanta. ATL. The Rising Phoenix. The City too Busy to Hate. The Black Mecca. Capital of the Deep South. There, between flitting shadows and full moons, exists another world filled with dark creatures, demons, and immortals. Only a thin veil separates the Atlanta you know from this mysterious realm. Nine brave authors risk it all to reveal the crossroads of Southern charm and the Black Fantastic. Y'all ready?



Once Upon a Time... isn't all its cracked up to be.

Delve into the fairytales you thought you knew as told by the villain of the story.
Twist of Fate

A Twist of Fate

What happens when you let eleven authors twist classic fairy tales? MAGIC!

Weave your way through imagination as Fate takes an interesting turn in your favorite childhood stories. From The Frog Prince to The Six Swans, see what happens when fairy tales are … twisted.

A king struggles to find someone who can love him despite his flaws. A musician works to reverse his curse. A queen wants to keep her crown. The singing bard plans an escape, and Red might have bitten off more than she can chew. These stories and more await you.

Let the magic of these tales sweep you away with mischief, mayhem, and a good dose of snark.

Open the door to A Twist of Fate.

Remapping Wonderland

Remapping Wonderland

It’s important for readers to see themselves reflected on the page. Remapping Wonderland features retellings of classic fairytales written by BIPOC authors and showcasing BIPOC and LGBTQ+ characters, so readers of color can see themselves as the heroines, kings, and androgynous genies of their own happily-ever-afters. Featuring 30 classic fairytales, from Cinderella to Rapunzel to Little Red Riding Hood, retold by 27 authors in concepts ranging from wildly absurd to painfully realistic to bizarrely humorous to arousingly sexual, this anthology is a journey through a fantastical land of make-believe that vividly reflects the human spirit and the colorful world in which we live.

A percentage of the proceeds from the book will go to Room to Read.

This is an adult fairytale book; please use your own discretion for age appropriateness of younger readers.

Short Stories

Of Darkened Woods

Of Darkened Woods

Hansel and Gretel like never before. Story villians aren't always who you believe them to be.

The Price of Passion

The Price of Passion

The last of her kind, Gabriella must contend with the loss of her mate and the insatiable lustful desire demanding to be fed.


Raulin and Red

Little Red Riding hood isn't so little anymore and she's decided to play with the big boys. Dealing in sweets by day her night time escapades haven't gone unnoticed. When her competitors start to show up dead, things get a little hotter in the kitchen. This time, Red may have bitten off more than she can chew.