Aziza Sphinx

Step into the darkness...There is nothing to fear

Valdis front Cover

It takes a special piece of work to be banished from Hell, and Valdis Rhonwen is a special piece of work. Queen of torture and despised by most, others sought her position and her power. Busy ruling the flourishing thirteenth kingdom, Valdis forgot rule number one -everyone in Hell is out for themselves. Stripped of her power and banished to the upper world, Valid now fights her way back into the fold.

Sent to Valdis to sate her hunger for torture, Hell's champion Jesar defected. No longer a patsy for her father, N’atas, he escapes the heart of Hell to reinstall his queen and restore her dying kingdom. Convincing N’atas that Vadis didn't betray him is a daunting task. And until they determine who planted the seed of deceit and why, the couple must tread lightly.

Their journey to the truth is wrought with dangers in lands designed to bring even the strongest Demon to their knees. But Hell hath no fury like Valdis scorned, and her greatest challenge will be coming face to face with a destiny not of her desire nor of her choosing.

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